Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shazzle now available

Shazzle LLC, the creator of a new privatized group file sharing program that uses P2P technology to fuse file sharing, real-time chat, internet browsing, and "unprecedented community features", announce the first release of the Shazzle application.

The authors declare: Shazzle consolidates features such as: peer-to-peer file sharing, live chat, web browsing and social networking functionality to create an unparalleled community experience. Shazzle's simple user interface and multifaceted utility can be applied to business, e-commerce, e-learning, old and new interpersonal connections, and much more. For additional information, go to http://www.shazzle.com.

By the way, the idea to combine P2P file sharing with social networking is not so new: you may be interested to have a look at Tribler, an application developed some time ago by the Delft University of Technology, which is now the core of the on-going EU funded project P2P-Next.

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