Sunday, September 27, 2009

IDF 2009

The Intel Developer Forum has been held in San Francisco between September 22 and 24, 2009. All the Keynote and Briefing presentations are available at the IDF Pressroom. Here is the full program.

Day 1
  • Keynote: Paul Otellini - Building a Continuum of Computing
  • Keynote: Sean Maloney - Intel® Architecture Innovates and Integrates
  • Briefing: Steve Smith - Intel Roadmap Overview
  • Briefing: Mark Bohr - 22 nm SRAM Announcement
Day 2
  • Keynote: Dadi Perlmutter - Mobile Computing: The Definition of Cool
  • Keynote: Renee James - Developing for the Continuum of Intel Platforms
  • Briefing: Mooly Eden - Revolutionary, Intelligent Intel® Core™ i7 Processors - Coming Soon to a Laptop Near You
Day 3
  • Keynote: Eric Kim - The Architecture of CE Innovation
  • Keynote: Justin Rattner - Convergence is So Yesterday: The Future of Television

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