Saturday, March 6, 2010

Multimedia Grand Challenge 2010

Submissions for the ACM Multimedia Grand Challenge 2010 must significantly address one of the industry challenges posted on the Grand Challenge web site and depict working, presentable systems or demos.

The top submissions will be presented in a special event during the ACM Multimedia 2010 conference in Florence, Italy. Based on the presentation, winners will be selected for Grand Challenge awards.

2010 challenges are the following:
  • Google challenge: Robust, As-Accurate-As-Human Genre Classification for Video
  • Google challenge: Indexing and Fast Interactive Searching in Personal Diaries
  • Radvision challenge: Video Conferencing To Surpass “In-Person” Meeting Experience
  • Radvision challenge: Real-time Data Collaboration Adaptation for Multi-Device Video Conferencing
  • HP challenge: High Impact Visual Communication
  • Nokia challenge: Where was this Photo Taken, and How?
  • Yahoo! challenge: Novel Image Understanding
  • Yahoo! challenge: Robust Automatic Segmentation of Video According to Narrative Themes

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